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Product News - Ventana AV-D
The Ventana collection is expanding with a unique and fun way to present sauces and condiments. The new Ventana Sauce Dish is just the right size to accommodate a variety of uses, while its appealing oblong silhouette sets the stage for a one of kind presentation.

o Unique Silhouette creates visual interest.
o “Just right” size can be used for a multitude of uses.
o Pair with universal accessories to complete your table top.

Product News - London Terra
Capture the essence of farm to table living with London Terra dinnerware. London Terra combines the soul of farm house style with just a dash of contemporary flair. Polished glazes play off of hand painted, organic shapes to create a remarkable hand crafted look. Like you, each piece is totally unique and creates the perfect canvas for your perfect dish.

o Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
o Every item is hand painted.
o Beautiful new sky color.

Product News - Barista
Barista features a versatile bright white porcelain body that can work with almost any tabletop. Pieces are created to seamlessly blend together for a uniform and consistent look. Barista is a simple, yet classic style that’s hard to resist.

o Features identical cup handles.
o Creates a uniform and consistent look.
o Simple and universal.

Product News - Slate
Meals come alive against rich tones and textures inspired by natural slate. Dark hues lend an extra vibrancy to food, while Slate’s unique design is a perfect backdrop to showcase any cuisine. A variety of shapes and sizes makes finding the perfect vessel for your culinary creations easy. Make your cuisine the center of attention and give your guests an unforgettable dining experience with Slate by Vertex.

o Made of natural stone.
o Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Product News - London
London is perfect for today’s dining trends. When looking for the right dinnerware, London is certain to have the required options.

o Supremely chip resistant hi-alumina body.
o Perfect combination of beauty and strength.
o Low profile for superior stacking.

Product News - London Terra
A Work of Art for Your Table.

o Every item hand painted.
o New additions to existing London Terra range.
o Fully glazed foot and 5 year chip warranty.

Product News - Elements
An element is the most basic structure in nature, but when properly arranged forges the most amazing creations. Elements dinnerware is a simple but beautiful building block to the perfect tabletop, and when paired together with food is a stunning addition to any operation.

o Popular coupe shapes in round, deep, and rectangles.
o Matte finish includes white, grey and black colors in all shapes.
o Subtle embossing from the center to the rim.

Product News - Opera
Opera is a full collection with a flowing rim and contour line at the well. Opera is appropriate for banquet or restaurant use.

o Bright white body accentuates food.
o Pairs well with Universal collection.
o Simple and with a small well perfect for both soup and portion control.

Product News - Vista
All colors for all cuisines and styles.

o Use as a pizza plate in bright white to make your pizza stand out.
o Oversize, deep depth and colors are ideal for many cuisines.
o Colors can be mixed and matched or used all as one.

News - Sarah Specchio has joined Vertex China as Director, National Accounts

Vertex China, a leading supplier of quality foodservice dinnerware, is pleased to announce Sarah Specchio has joined the company as Director, National Accounts.

Sarah started her foodservice career with Oneida in Customer Service. After two years of success handing customers on the “inside”, Sarah was promoted to Territory Manager in South Florida. As manager of one of the largest territories in sales volume, Sarah made her mark calling on distributors and end users.

At Vertex Sarah will use her skills working with some of the largest and best known chain customers.

Sarah resides in FL. When not working and traveling to support her customers, Sarah enjoys the beach and running.

Product News - Market Buffet
The Market Buffet collection offers a wide range of European style accessory items.

o Fluted and smooth ramekins in multiple sizes.
o Bright white body.
o Pair with Universal accessories to complete your tabletop.

Product News - Opera
Opera is a full collection with a flowing rim and contour line at the well. It is appropriate for banquet or restaurant use.

o Bright white body accentuates food.
o A true complete shape with multiple hollow-ware options.
o Pairs well with Universal collection.

Product News - Alpine
Alpine makes it “all about the food” with its classic shape featuring a wide rim and perfect plating area.

o Exceptionally strong, light, porcelain body.
o Perfect for decorating, Alpine includes many stock made to order patterns.
o Pair with Universal accessories to complete your tabletop.

Product News - EB-12 and EB-13
Ventana EB-12 and EB-13 Ventana compliments many of our other collections, making it the king of versatility. o Compliments existing oval coupe plates EB-14 and EB-28. o Pair with Ventana round coupe plates. o Offers a beautiful backdrop for food presentation.
Product News - AV-SL16, AV-SL21 and AV-SP22C
Ventana AV-SL16, AV-SL21 and AV-SP22C Ventana will delight with items that range from stylish coupe plates to simple squares and ever so fun compartment dishes. o Traditional rim to flat plates for every profile in between. o The plate compliments a wide variety of cuisines. o Pair well with Universal collection.
Product News - AV-C7 and AV-C22
Ventana AV-C7 and AV-C22 The shapes are designed to control portions but still enhance the perceived value of meals. o New additions to current Ventana coupe line. o Adds modern interest to classic tabletops. o Blend with newly introduced and existing oval coupe platters for a complete line of coupe options.
News - Vertex China Catalog 2016 now AVAILABLE!
Our 2016 catalog is now available for requesting!
Product News - Rubicon
Rubicon by Vertex China It is the most unique dinnerware available. Nothing is whiter, stronger and accentuates food better. o Versatile and popular shapes in the body including coupes, 3 oval styles rectangles and traditional rim plates. o Many small, unique accessories items included in range allowing the tabletop to be completed all with the same body. o Magnesium reinforced body for strength and pristine white body.
Product News - Crystal Bay
Crystal Bay by Vertex China Nothing is more elegant than Crystal Bay’s bright white porcelain body and concentric embossed design on the rim. o Lightweight porcelain body. o Squares and rectangles plates work well with any cuisine and décor. o Pair with existing Crystal Bay to complete your tabletop.
News - Sausalito Collection and Healthcare Dinnerware
Our elegant designed Sausalito collection with wide rims creating a sense of cleanness for dining experience and framing the chef’s creations of healthy cuisine, whether it’s assisted living or retirement community.